How to move lightning fast with a barbell consistently

... and not catch it high and ride it in, or worse, end up on your back!

Finally… A complete step-by-step guide for moving with lightning speed and technical excellence…exactly like an elite weightlifter.


Just follow these simple steps and say goodbye to poor technique, frustrating plateaus and preventable injuries…for good.


If your progress isn’t matching your effort, you’re stronger than your current numbers imply, or you’re new to weightlifting and don’t know where to start…you’re in the right place.

Watch this FREE video training to get started straight away…(did I mention, it’s free!)

Here's what you'll learn...

Pro Tip #1

How to drastically increase your weights and keep lifting heavier...
...without plateauing

Pro Tip #2

How to make rapid progress without it frazzling your brain

Pro Tip #3

How to smash your lifting goals without technique holding you back

The key to lifting heavier is to pull the bar higher…right? Wrong. I’ll show you the exact movement patterns that’ll get you lifting bigger weights, consistently…even after years in the game.

Let’s stop overcomplicating things. Become the best lifter you can be through my easy to follow coaching cues. Let’s keep it simple.

The biggest cause of weightlifting early plateaus is suboptimal technique. It’s not rocket science. Everything you need to get moving with technical excellence is right here. 

Why should you listen to Michaela?

Michaela Breeze MBE OLY is world renowned in Olympic Weightlifting and is one of Great Britain’s most successful female lifters of all time. 

She represented Team GB at 2 Olympics, Team Wales at 4 Commonwealth Games (where she won 6 medals, including 2 golds). Michaela is a British record holder, European Junior Champion (1999) and multiple European medalist. 

She’s now the voice of Olympic Weightlifting and was awarded an MBE for services to the sport. 

As a technical excellence coach, Michaela focuses on helping aspiring Weightlifters, Crossfitters and anyone training with Olympic lifts to safely and successfully maximise their potential.

Any of these sound like you?

  • You’re a total beginner who wants to learn well straight away

  • Your technique is holding you back

  • You’ve hit a plateau 

  • You’re frustrated with your lack of progress

  • You’re struggling with weightlifting injuries

  • You’re swinging the bar but can’t correct it

  • You have an early arm bend

  • You can’t hit full and powerful extension

  • Your technique falls apart under increased load 

  • You can power snatch/clean more than you can squat snatch/clean

  • Your technique doesn’t match your strength…and you know you’re capable of lifting more

  • You’re a mature lifter wanting to move as well as possible, as long as possible, to reap all the resulting health benefits

  • You want to minimise the risk of unnecessary injuries

  • You’ve been coached any of the following:

    • Shrug and pull

    • First pull, second pull

    • Lift the bar high

    • Catch the bar high

    • Power snatches and cleans before full squat lifts

    • Drive your hips in to the bar

  • You don’t want to waste money on poor coaching and treatments bills when you get injured 

I TOTALLY get it. That’s why I created this video…those things will never hold you back again.