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Are you ready to elevate your Olympic lifting?

Enhance your technique, move with precision, and unlock your full potential for maximum results.

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Are you tired of feeling frustrated and stuck in your Olympic Weightlifting journey?

Do technical issues seem insurmountable?

Picture breaking through those barriers and reaching your full potential, experiencing the pride of mastering movements and setting new personal records.

As a retired Olympic weightlifter and coach with over 30 years of experience, I've faced those struggles first-hand. But I've also seen the rewards of persistence, determination and hard work. Now, I'm here to guide you through overcoming obstacles and mastering techniques.

With my coaching, you can elevate your technique, strength and resilience as a weightlifter. Regardless of your age or ability, join me today and let's make those dreams a reality together. Imagine the pride and sense of accomplishment awaiting you. I'd be honoured to help you achieve it.

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Discover my range of online coaching options tailored to your needs. Choose from 1:1 sessions, small-group, or video analysis support, all conducted virtually.

Wherever you are, home or public gym, garage or front room, improve your technique with personalised guidance from anywhere in the World!


Over three days, indulge in four, coached sessions, where we address all technicalities associated with the snatch, clean and jerk.

Immerse yourself in our idyllic Welsh mountain backdrop, where your journey unfolds in both training and retreat. Enjoy cozy accommodation, wholesome meals, and optional indulgences like massages and hot tub relaxation to help you rejuvenate post-training.


Interested in hosting or attending a seminar? My seminars cater to diverse audiences, ensuring tailored coaching for all ages and abilities. Whether at your location or mine, everyone is welcome to join in and learn!


I offer a range of comprehensive courses tailored to fit diverse budgets and needs. Whether you're seeking technical guidance or aiming to master effective programming strategies independently, I provide solutions to elevate your Olympic lifting journey.


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