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Training Camps

Training Camps

Are you looking to improve your own lifting ability? My training camps are designed to address all technical aspects of the lifts. I will work with you to ensure you are moving as efficiently as possible, as well as safely. With the fundamental aim of improving your overall lifting ability.  These camps are suitable for all ages and abilities from those just starting out to International athletes. Based just outside Swansea, on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, my training camps double up as a chance to break away from the stresses of a busy life!

I have always prided myself on my own technical ability and also the technical ability of the lifters I coach. My Training Camps enable me to help others develop their lifting ability to be safe and efficient in the lifts whether they are weightlifters, cross fitters, power based athletes or anyone who simply enjoys the Olympic lifting movements.

My training camps are differentiated for each individual, and I am happy to work with varying ages and abilities.  I have a full range of ELEIKO bars and weights including technique equipment, squat racks, lifting blocks etc.

There are follow up options beyond these training camps to ensure you continue moving in the right direction which can include;

Joining my weekly Zoom sessions

Online video analysis


Video Analysis & Programming combined 

Most people who attend these camps opt for one of the above to ensure ‘bad habits’ don’t creep back in!

Bookings for all camps are taken on a first come, first served basis and no bookings are confirmed until a 50% deposit has been paid.  Availability may change at short notice, so to express an interest and arrange a call to check these camps are right for you, please email, or book in for a free call with me.

Training Camp Dates For 2024:

15th – 17th March (1 space available)

5th – 7th April (2 spaces available)

31st May – 2nd June (2 spaces available)

16th – 18th August

13th – 15th September

11th – 13th October (recent date change)

15th – 17th November

If you can get a group of 10 people together, I am happy to put on an additional training camps that work for you.  My diary does get booked up several months in advance so planning ahead is essential. There will be more camps coming so if the above dates don’t work for you but you want to attend, please let me know and I can give you first refusal.

Please email, or book in for a free call with me, if you would like to discuss booking a place.  

Please note, I do not accept bookings until I have spoken to individuals beforehand to make sure my camps are best suited for your needs.

The Structure of my 3-Day Training Camps  

The format of the 3-day camp is as follows, but timings may vary slightly.

Day 1:

15:00 – 16:00: Arrival (Have coffee, meet everyone)

16:30 – 18:30: Session 1

19:00: Dinner in the Farm House

Day 2:

08:30: Breakfast 

10:00 – 12:00: Session 2

12.30 – 14:00: Lunch / Rest / Chill / Downtime

14.30 – 16:00: Session 3

(Option for massage if required.)

18:00: All out to local Bistro/Pub for Dinner

Day 3:

08:00: Breakfast

09:30 – 11:30: Session 4

12:00: Depart

Please email, or book in for a free call with me, to check whether these camps are best suited for you. Or, if you would like to discuss booking a place.

No bookings are taken until after a call.


I’m a long way from mastery but it felt good to get so much lifting time last weekend with Michaela delivering an awesome training camp once again. Leaving CrossFit alone for a second, olympic weightlifting is a sport filled with ambiguity. First, second and third “pulls”, shoulders “over” bar and triple extension to name a few are terms that are ambiguous enough that the basic mechanics of the lifts are not easily understood by those entering the sport. Even once you traverse the lingo to become technically proficient can be a lifetimes work. I think that’s why I like working with Michaela so much, she speaks in no uncertain terms, makes sure the basic mechanics are understood and in a room of full of lifters with varying levels of ability can still deliver individual and constructive feedback. I always come away from these training camps with a plan for progression and a reminder that to make the improvements that we aim for a typical CrossFit program doesn’t include the amount of focus and time required. Keep chipping away!

(Scotty More, Training Camp Lifter – 2nd Camp)

Wow, what and amazing experience!  From start to finish, Michaela and Sinead were so welcoming and accommodating.  Not only did I manage to overcome my fear of snatching but I am also leaving feeling so relaxed after a weekend retreat in their stunning home.  The food was plentiful and really tasty, rooms were comfortable with beautiful views and the hot tub and massage were a great bonus.  I have learned how well I can move when I remember that it’s ‘not a pull’, ‘to keep my arms loose’ and ‘to keep the bar low’!

(Kelly O’Beirne, Training Camp Lifter)

I was quite nervous about the training camp but was quickly felt at ease with Michaela. Everyone was so friendly too. Whatever your ability you will find her coaching cues are spot on, she doesn’t miss a trick. All bars and plates were sanitised before use and social distancing in place. I learnt so much from this weekend would highly recommend.

(Jo, Training Camp Lifter)

Having been on your training camp, which I was initially nervous about. I can now say it was a great decision. You have a way of quickly identifying faults and finding an easy to understand solution that you can immediately implement. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their Olympic lifting to attend your training camp as quickly as possible. You will have not regret it. Thanks Michaela for your time and patience.

(Ken, Training Camp Lifter)

Both Myles (15) and Grace (13), had never lifted a bar until being Coached by Michaela. We thought it would be better to be coached from an early age. All we can say is that it’s the best decision we could have made. They had no bad habits, but they did have flexibility. They have thrived on the training camp. They now know how to lift correctly, which they can use now and in the future. They have been closely monitored and allowed to flourish in a safe environment which is exactly what they needed. I would recommend anyone starting out to attend Michaela’s training camp as soon as they can. It’s the best decision you could make. 

(Parents of Myles & Grace, who attended a Training Camp)

I have been struggling to drop under snatches for the past 8 months.  After one session where I learned to ‘bail’ safely from a snatch, my confidence increased and I was able to drop under the bar resulting in a 15kg Snatch PB!  Fantastic explanations to correct positioning when setting up for each lift making things clear and concise.  I would definitely recommend the camps to anyone who wants to improve technically, lift safely and avoid injury.

(Caroline Hurley, Training Camp Lifter)

Fantastic weekend of lifting with like-minded people.  Michaela’s depth of technical knowledge is accessible and well delivered. There’s downtime to process what you’ve learned.  Food is plentiful and fresh. I have loved this weekend, met a great bunch of people, learned loads and am feeling so much more confident in my ability.

(Jill McIntyre, Training Camp Lifter)

Loved every minute of this camp. I was made to feel so welcome and it felt like ‘home from home’ in such a relaxed environment.  I loved all the training.  Mick’s cues were so relatable. I follow Mick on Instagram and have taken on board all her training tips before, but being in her gym and being corrected in person is so much more relatable.

(Catherine Martin, Training Camp Lifter)

I came to this camp as a complete beginner and I’m leaving with the skills and technique to competently snatch and clean and jerk.  I never had the confidence or ability to even attempt the snatch before but Mick guided me, starting with a training bar and building up to 23kg on the snatch in just 4 sessions.  She also gave me movements that I can practice and develop in my own gym which has a much more limited selection of weights, I feel so much more confident and capable.  The weekend was really positive and motivating with incredible food and so much laughter too.

(Claire Aplen, Training Camp Lifter)

The hospitality, the facilities, the food were all exceptional.  I felt welcomed in to your home and cannot wait to come back again.  Thank you for providing down-time with massage and the hot tub.  The coaching was exceptional and has revived my love for weightlifting once again.  Working on my weaknesses was ideal.  I got so much out of the camp and found everything easy to understand and follow.

(Rebecca Cheslett, Training Camp Lifter)

So good to be coached by someone with so much experience and knowledge. Lots to take on board and great coaching cues that are simple to understand and effective. Even though the sessions were in small groups, Michaela gave great one-to-one coaching and I can already feel the improvement in technique.

(Amy Staded, Training Camp Lifter)

This camp has helped me improve all my lifts so much. Simple explanations and cues from Michaela has changed the way I lift, helping me to relax during the movement. I also got a PB on top of this. Hospitality from both Michaela, Sinead and Acer has been incredible. Food and accommodation was amazing, as well as the hot tub after training. I would highly recommend.

(Tash Osgood, Training Camp Lifter)

Facilities and hospitality have been top notch. I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome. Coaching cues have been outstanding and have helped me continue to improve even coming back from injury. I cannot recommend these camps enough.

(Ollie Bogg, Training Camp Lifter)

The training facilities are incredible and the coaching is second to none! Mick and Sinead are amazing hosts making us feel part of the family from the moment we arrived. I leave with plenty to work on and guidance for the future to aid my lifting. Mick impressed with her ability to coach all abilities in the group and I cannot wait to come back to work with her again!!!

(Scotty Moore, Training Camp Lifter – 1st Camp)

Extremely welcoming, made to feel part of the family- food was great. I am selective and a big eater and I felt full and fuelled for lifting after every meal. The coaching was amazing. I can honestly say I have progressed more in a few days than I have over the year I have been Weightlifting.

(Andrew Brown, Training Camp Lifter)

I am a 53-year-old woman and I’ve only been doing weightlifting for about three months. I received incredible support and felt welcomed. I improved over the sessions and trained with other supportive and talented lifters. I feel inspired to continue. Michaela managed all the lifters no matter what ability with constructive and very helpful feedback. Everyone should do it! Not to mention delicious food, spotless and comfortable accommodation and fantastic views, thank you.

(Nicola Rogers, Training Camp Lifter)

A wonderful experience, I met some lovely, friendly weightlifting enthusiasts. The food was delicious, the bed comfortable and training thoroughly enjoyable. I received some valuable feedback from Michaela, a true expert which I will now incorporate in my training. Thank you, Michaela and Sinead!

(Daphne Christoforou, Training Camp Lifter)

Thanks for the weekend camp. I learned a load and had a lot of fun. It was great to be able to attend a camp like this during the current Covid situation, and I was very impressed with how well you organised everything – all the kit thoroughly sanitised and the camp run so that everyone had their own set of bars, plates, blocks and platform. The only thing we shared was the enthusiasm, fun and great environment for lifting and learning.

(Paul Harvey, Training Camp Lifter)

Just what I needed. As a Masters’ weightlifter who’s still relatively new to the sport… Brilliant to take time to work on some technique fundamentals and iron out some bad habits. So useful to get a fresh perspective on my lifts from Michaela and draw on her wealth of experience as a lifter and a coach. Having been a fan of the way Michaela explains aspects of the Olympic lifts on social media for a while being at the camp took this to another level. In particular, great to have the time to ask questions, chat points through and learn as a group. Have to say, I think I’ve found my leg drive on a mountain in South Wales.  It was really energising to be at the camp – great coaching, an awesome group of fellow lifters, and a beautiful location. A little oasis of weightlifting. Thank you Michaela and Sinead for a wonderful experience.

(Jon Khoo, Training Camp Lifter)

It is unquestionable that Michaela is at the top when it comes to OLY, but what’s amazing about her is her fantastic coaching skills. She is able to break down every single bit of these very complex weightlifting movements in a way that I found unique, and really help you understand what you need to do and how you should think. She’s very open to sharing her knowledge and I found her tips throughout the camp of enormous value. I also think the structure of the sessions throughout the three days is very well designed, balanced, and with a clear purpose for each. She’s very attentive to detail. Get ready to challenge yourself.

(Alex, Training Camp Lifter. Italy)

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