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The 30 Day Ab Challenge By Olympian Michaela Breeze MBE


30 Day Ab Challenge

Welcome to the 30 day ab challenge.

30 days of hard work to shape and toned your abs like never before.

Your instructor for these challenges is myself Michaela Breeze  MBE. I was Britain's most successful female weightlifter of all time. So I know how to get results.

Stick with me over the next 30 days and I assure you your abs will look and feel firmer and you will feel stronger.

This is the ab challenge that gets results. 

Why You Should Do This 30 Day Ab Challenge

People love to have a toned abdominal section and there is nothing wrong with that. However the abs play an important part of our daily life.

We use them every day to twist, turn and of course help with our posture. However, more than this, strong abs can help to reduce lower back pain and improve sport performance.

This ab challenge is slightly different than others you may have seen.

There are 27 core exercise challenges to give you variety, along with a baseline test at the start and the end.  I've also been nice and given one rest day!

The purpose behind the test is that you not only feel and see the results but you know for sure that this challenge is working for you.

To help you, there is a handy quick navigation menu below to jump to the day of your choice.

I have recorded videos for every exercise and these are located in each day. So all you need to do is log on, click the day of your challenge, watch the short video to remind you of the technique you need and then away you go. 

Day 1: Baseline Test

OK, so day one is all about the test, this is going to be the best way we can gauge how you have come along (other than how it looks and feels).

The aim with the base line test is to hold your body is posture and record the time you can do this for. Don't worry what time you get. This is all about improving yourself over 30 days.

Each of these ab challenges should only take a few minutes so we should all be able to squeeze them in at some point during the day.

So watch the video below and we can get right to this.

At this stage it's worth taking a photo of your torso from in front and the side to compare any change in muscle tone at the end of the program.  

Remember though, for best results, you need to follow good dietary guidelines to really alter your body composition.   We offer this as part of our Operation Transformation program.  

Click here if you want to find out more or maybe consider it at the end of this 30 day challenge to get the best results

Day 2: Crunches

Your stomach might be a little tender right now, don't worry that is a sign you are starting to use your core more.

Today is a nice and simple crunch exercise done at a reasonable pace. Watch how I do my crunches and repeat. If you can do 2 or 3 sets of 20 repetitions that is great. 

Day 3: Toe Tap

The toe tap is an exercise that looks easy but soon starts to burn the abs and work the core. The aim with this ab challenge is to try and do 100 repetitions. 

Watch the video to see how I do the exercises.  

Day 4: Side lying Planks

The side plank is going to really work the core so we have 2 foot positions here for you to try. The aim here is to do 30 to 50 'raises' on each side. 


Day 5: Full Sit Ups

The sit up is a well known exercise so I have included a few variations here.

 The aim is to do 3 sets of 20, (if you are struggling, drop the reps to 10, 12 or 15)

As we have been working the stomach hard every day you might be feeling it now so grit those teeth, you can do this.

Day 6: Ab Crunches With A Twist

This is the old fashioned ab crunch with a variation/ twist. 

Don't worry if you feel it in the front of your neck, that is normal. The aim is 3 sets of 15 for each side.

Day 7: Leg Raises

Leg raises are one of the best exercises that you can do for your core, and today they are your challenge.

Be careful not to arch the lower back during this exercises.  You may need to bend your knees if you feel your lower back lifting up. 

The aim is 50 raises and this is going to be tough. I have two variations for you depending on your fitness levels and feel free to break these up into sets such as 5 x 10.

Day 8: Russian Twists

Russian Twists might be new to some of you but do not be fooled by the way they look, they can be a lot harder than they appear, 

The aim for this ab challenge is to do 50 reps but if you find these no challenge please add more. 

Day 9: Knee To Elbow Planks

The elbow to knee plank is a variation of the standard plank. We are looking at 4 sets of 20 here. Make sure you pay attention to your form and watch the video to see how I do this.

We are on day 9 here so stick with this challenge we are nearly a third of the way through.

Day 10: Sit Up (3 Step Variation)

We are taking sit ups to a new level and aiming to use a 3 step variation (watch the video to learn more).

The goal is 3 sets of 21 sit ups, if you can do 4 or 5 sets then great but the minimum is 3.

Day 11: V Ups

This exercise is tough so I have included 2 variations for you to use depending on your fitness levels.

You are going to do 3 sets of 10 exercises, but if you are more advanced try and do 4 or 5 sets. 

Day 12: Isometric Hold

This is a hold that will push you and that is a good thing. The aim is to hold your position for between 30 seconds and a minute and you are aiming for 4 sets each side.

Yes this is a tough one but you can do this.

Day 13: Sit Up With A Hold

This exercise is a bit different, you will be doing 10 sit ups and then holding the last one for 30 seconds.

From there you can have a rest of 30 seconds and repeat so you have done it at least 3 times.

So that is 3 sets of 10 sit ups with a hold. 

Day 14: Sit Up With A Twist and Crunches

Today is going to be tough.

21 reps of both sit-ups and twist and 21 crunches.  These combined make 1 set.  Take 2 minutes recovery and repeat for a further 2 sets.  That's 3 sets in total

Day 15: Scissors

This is a tough one so be sure to watch the video and ensure your form is great.

We are going to challenge you to do 5 sets of between 30 - 60 seconds

Day 16: Rocking Plank

This is a slower exercise but make no mistake this is tough. You are aiming for 4 or 5 sets of 20 reps

Day 17: Russian Plank

We have 2 variations in today's video depending on your fitness levels. However the Russian plank should be held for a minute each time and try to do 4 sets.

Day 18: Greyhounds

This is more of an endurance exercise so we have included 2 variations for this challenge.

Aim to perform the exercises for 1 minute and do 5 sets.

Day 19: Pulse Crunches

Today's challenge is a tough one but you can do it. 

Pulse crunches and you will be doing a total of 60 reps and 5 sets with 1 minute rest. As always watch the videos to learn how I do it. 

Day 20: Sit ups to Bicycle kicks

A 2 exercise variation awaits you in this challenge.  You are going to start off with sits ups and then move into bicycle kicks.

The aim is to do 40 reps and achieve 5 sets. You can do this, just 10 days to go!

Day 21: Dead Bugs

This is a great exercise and as you are getting stronger I want to push you. So today we are looking at 30 reps and 5 sets again. 

Day 22: Twisting Sit-ups and Pulses

OK so this is a tough ab challenge today but fear not because we have the finish line in sight.

Be sure to watch the video to see what you need to do. 

The aim is 12 reps of the twists and 12 pulses per and then repeat! We are aiming for 3 sets here because there is no recovery.

Day 23: Switch Planks

This is another tough challenge but you can do this. Today we are looking at switch planks and the aim is to hold each plank variation for 30 seconds. 3 sets of this but trust me this is going to test your core.

Day 24: Bicycles 

This is an old and well know technique but make sure you still watch the video. The aim is to do 45 seconds and have 1 minute recover before going again.

5 sets with this!

Day 25: Mountain Climbers

This exercise is all about endurance and we are just a few days away to completing the 30 days. 

Aim for 1 minute with 30 seconds rest and yes, 5 sets!

Day 26: Plank Variations + Sit Ups

This is a three exercise challenge  today.  Start off with the plank and reach and do 30, then go onto your elbows and perform 30 plank ups (watch the video) and finish with 20 sit ups.

Try and do between 3-5 sets.

Day 27: Bicycles to V situps 

Today we have a mix of two exercises. We have bicycles for 30 reps and straight into 20  V-sits, repeat twice without rest.  Take a 2 minute recovery, then repeat for 3 sets in total.

Day 28: Mountain Climbers: 100 reps

100 Mountain Climber reps is the order of day 28. 

Time yourself to see how long it takes you.

Day 29: Rest Day

Finally a day of rest, but make sure you watch the video as I have a special message for you.

Day 30: Final test

Huge well done for getting to the final day.  

Day 30 is a simple re-test from day 1.  

Time to see if the last 30 days has paid off.

By now your core should be looking and feeling great but now you need to see how much stronger your core is.

So get into that hold, set the stop watch and go.  

Please comment below any improvements in your time so we can all celebrate together.

The end ( So what next?)

Well done, you have made it through the 30 day ab challenge. But do you want more?

If you want to push yourself to a new level then try Operation Transformation. Our new online training course that is going to totally transform your life.

Once again, thanks for coming to the 30 day ab challenge and use our Tweet button below to share your success to the world!

I just completed the 30 day ab challenge by Olympian Michaela Breeze MBE

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