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Goal Setting

What is goal setting for you and how does it affect your day to day living and training?  Goal setting was first evident when I was nine years of age. Maybe some might look at it more as a dream than a goal, but I… Read More »Goal Setting

Are You Still Learning?

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Let’s discuss for a minute how much you know about weightlifting… Do I know everything? Absolutely not. I’ve been in this sport for 3 decades and I am still watching, still observing, and still picking up ideas that I might be able to use to… Read More »Are You Still Learning?

10,000 Hour Rule

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I want to talk to you about the 10,000 hour rule. This was made famous by Malcom Gladwell and his book Outliers. It talks about taking approximately 10,000 hours for anybody to master a complex new skill.  Now if you look at weightlifting as a… Read More »10,000 Hour Rule