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If you want to lift more efficiently, safely and ultimately, increase your numbers – book a seminar with me.

During my 3-hour seminars, I will cover everything you need to know about how to snatch, clean and jerk with great technique. I will also cover the pre-requisites to learning these movements. I am happy to address any other exercises too, if you need me to. I have always prided myself on my own technical ability and also the technical ability of the lifters I coach. My Seminars enable me to help others develop their lifting ability to be safe and efficient in the lifts whether they are weightlifters, cross fitters, power based athletes or anyone who simply enjoys the Olympic lifting movements.

My seminars are differentiated according to ability and I am happy to work with varying ages and abilities on the same day. I have no problems including youngsters on these seminars but they need to be school year 7 or above, and well behaved. For my in-person seminars, depending on the equipment you already have in your facility, I can bring technique bars and plates and any other equipment we need.

I can accommodate up to around 25 people. Much more than that and 1-1 feedback can get diluted. A good number is 15 – 25 people. For my in-person seminars, the question is, ‘how many bars can be used at any one time in your facility?’ Ideally, 2 per bar works best but we can do 3 people per bar if space is limited.

I would suggest that whoever normally delivers Olympic lifting coaching at your gym also attends so that everyone is on the ‘same page’ moving forwards. It can be a great opportunity to bounce ideas too and see how I coach / correct people.

To express an interest in running a seminar from your facility, drop me an email, or book in for a free call with me, to discuss further.

This is a great place to start if you are new to the sport, and even better if you are looking to make technical changes to improve the way you lift. 


Upcoming Seminars


Virtual Seminars

These seminars run online, using ZOOM. All you need to be able to take part is a bit of space with a broomstick or a bar from the comfort of your own home, garage or a local gym. Decent internet connection helps!!

Saturday 25th May 14:30-17:00 BST

 Book a Seminar 


In-person Seminars

My in-person seminars are run either from a specific gym that has requested to be a host, or from my gym – just outside Swansea, South Wales.

Saturday 4th May 10:00-15:00 BST (Breeze’s Gym) 

Please email, or book in for a free call with me, to enquire further



Following our session at CrossFit 3D, I’m pleased to say that my total is now rising following some of your simply brilliant advice. 111kg C&J and 91kg Snatch today. (202kg total, all PB’s) Thank you Michaela, just as you said – went back to the drawing board and stayed light until I was ready, very happy and can’t wait to visit your gym when it’s up and running.

(Christopher Jones, Seminar Lifter)

Thank you for making me feel so welcome on your seminar at Athlete movement. I am relatively new to the sport and found your delivery on such a technical sport so easy to follow. Everything began to make sense and I had a few light bulb moments when I could really understand why you suggest moving in a certain way. You are still clearly passionate about sharing your knowledge with others with an eagle eye for detail and I felt there were no bad habits that you couldn’t iron out. Your book reinforces everything learnt from the seminar and I feel confident to have a go and practise. And lastly, my shoulder that has been niggling, sorted within the first 5mins and I’m now able to move overhead with ease – having found my lats to stop my shoulders from rolling forward. Hope to attend another soon.

(Sarah, Seminar Lifter)

A huge thank you for your very informative and helpful workshop at Athlete Movement at the weekend. It was the best all-day seminar on any subject that I have ever been to. I have been thinking about why it was so good… Firstly, your depth of knowledge and experience in the area and your willingness to openly share with us how you learnt from your own mistakes. Secondly, your style of presentation was very engaging. There was a nice balance between theory and practice and I loved how authentic you were as a presenter. You were not just standing there reading a script; it was all you. Thirdly, you are brilliant at picking up on people’s technique adjustments in an effective and nice way without judgement. Seriously, the best all day workshop I have ever been to. Thanks again.

(Kate, Seminar Lifter)

That was just fabulous!  It was so worth it to wake up at 3:30am to be part of your amazing seminar. I just redid my snatch from the hang. Check out the difference! I don’t do it consistently but at least I know what I’m after now.  It will take time to unlearn so many bad habits.  Lol! I really appreciate your feedback and knowledge and look forward to working with you again!

(Rosaura, Seminar Lifter – USA)

I recently attended one of Michaela’s seminars as part of her Irish tour. The seminar was great fun, Michaela has a great teaching style and has years of experience. she was able to quickly assess issues I was having with positioning the barbell overhead, and with a quick adjustment, I felt more comfortable and stronger in the bottom position. I would highly recommend Michaela’s seminar to people looking to improve Olympic lifting.

(Marcus, Seminar Lifter – Ireland)
Having participated in a one day seminar with Michaela, involving 20 participants accross a broad age spectrum, ages 15 to 54. And possibly an even broader ability spectrum.  And now working through her on line course. One of the stand out elements is of Michaela’s capability  to assess each individual quickly and provide clear and concise advice and instruction. My own improvement and I believe of all who participated was immediate and evident at training in the days following the seminar. Michaela refers to lifting being an art form, my experience is that she has elevated coaching to an artform also.
(Eoin Turner, Seminar Lifter – Ireland)

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