Weightlifting Tekkers SOS! – Clean Course


I can teach you how to lift really well in just 4 weeks .

I’m giving you three decades of my personal knowledge — and everything you need to know to be able to move with great technical proficiency in the clean.

I don’t hold back anything in this course.

Every single secret, every trick, every strategy that has worked for me or for my lifters is revealed and explained in detail so you can easily model it and work alongside me to develop your own lifting.

I honestly believe this is the best information you will find anywhere about clean technique. 

It is 100% up to date, fresh and extremely in-depth.

It’s not just a load of videos stuck together.  There is structure and methodology in how it has been constructed.  The lessons are in a logical order and provide a step by step approach to developing your lifting technique.

I believe if any programme is going to help get you moving well, it’s this one.

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Module #1

Introduction to Weightlifting Tekkers SOS!

  • An overview of what to expect from this course and how to best maximise results

Module #2

Fundamental Principles

  • All fundamental principles addressed to ensure you have a good before ploughing on
  • Understanding basic biomechanics and how best to generate force while being in the optimal positions to do so
  • Fundamental positions that many take for granted and skip by without much thought.  It is actually these principles that form the foundation for great lifting
  • After completing this section you should have great awareness to be able to implement the techniques in the next sections

 Module #3

Warm-up / Stretch Routine

  • The concept of a warm-up is one taken for granted by many and I’ve been shocked by many years of coaching people in person how few people actually know how to warm-up in a sports specific way.  Often too embarrassed to ask for guidance and something many coaches take for granted. I provide a run through of some of the exercises I used to do and what I get my lifters to do to ensure they are ready to optimise the session.
  • I walk you through a series of stretches post training to help with recovery and also show you a few examples of how to use a ‘roller’ effectively to stretch out those tight muscle groups associated with repetitive lifting including quads, hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes.

Module #4 & 5

Clean Technique & Common Errors

  • Step-by step tutorial on how to perform all ‘Clean’ related exercises. These include the front rack position and drop drills to develop speed under the bar
  • I cover Hang Cleans and then 1st Phase of the lift before bringing these components together to show you how to execute the Clean with effective and safe technique
  • I also cover all assistance Cleans related exercise such as Cleans from Blocks, Cleans from Deficit, Power Cleans and other Clean variations
  • Clean strength based exercises including Clean Deadlifts and Clean Deadlifts from Deficit
  • Exactly which positions you need to be aiming for during each lift are identified
  • Rationale behind ‘why’ particular positions are coached so you can really understand the logic in my coaching
  • How to build from being a complete beginner to moving with technical precision
  • Challenge the way you are currently lifting to monitor your movements and positions against a model that is biomechanically sound and safe!

Module #6

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In case your questions haven’t been answered in the previous sections, you’ll find in excess of 60 short videos answering the most ‘Frequently Asked Questions’