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Virtual Seminar


These seminars run online, using ZOOM. All you need to be able to take part is a bit of space with a broomstick or a bar from the comfort of your own home, garage or a local gym. Decent internet connection helps!!


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Virtual Seminar

During my 3-hour seminars, I will cover everything you need to know about how to snatch, clean and jerk with great technique. I will also cover the pre-requisites to learning these movements. I am happy to address any other exercises too, if you need me to. I have always prided myself on my own technical ability and also the technical ability of the lifters I coach. My Seminars enable me to help others develop their lifting ability to be safe and efficient in the lifts whether they are weightlifters, cross fitters, power based athletes or anyone who simply enjoys the Olympic lifting movements.


16th Jan, 2022, 28th Jan, 2022, 26th Mar, 2022, 21st May, 2022