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Programming & Video Analysis

£150.00 / month


The way my ‘Programming’ option works, is to start with an initial discussion about your current loading, to include the number of sessions you currently complete each week, number of exercises per sessions etc, so I can gauge where to pitch my programming for each individual.

I then take you through an initial 4-week programme to establish what your loading tolerance is (without breaking you!)  At this time, intensities are programmed to be fairly low to allow time for continued technical development, in conjunction with the video analysis.

After the initial 4-week programme, we will review to see how well you cope and then I programme the first 4-weeks of a 12-week cycle.  At this stage, the intensities will increase gradually while the volumes from week to week will fluctuate to allow for recovery time.

We review after each 4-week training block before I provide the next 4 weeks of programming. At the end of the 12 week cycle, you should improve your numbers. Then we go again!

There are different levels to my programming in terms of volumes and intensities.  As you develop, you may find you are tolerating the loading better so this may need to be reviewed.  Good communication is key and I ask that you touch base a week before the end of the block with some feedback so I can modify the next block accordingly.

Payment for the following options are via monthly subscription, but can be cancelled at any time.

Video Analysis

If my weekly Team Breeze Academy Zoom Sessions are not convenient for you, then I would recommend Video Analysis as an alternative to receiving individualised feedback from me.

Please note, I am only taking on a limited number of clients to ensure I can stay on top of the analysis. Video Analysis packages are price per month and videos cannot be rolled from one month to the next. All monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at any time.

How it works:

  1. You take a video from the side of a couple of lifts of whatever exercise you want me to analyse (I only need 1 set of each exercise on top weight that day.  The errors will be pretty much the same on all weights).
  2. You then WhatsApp the video to me. (I will provide my number once payment has been made).
  3. I will send feedback via video and / or voice note before sending back to you.

The aim is that you then go and practise using the feedback I have provided before sending me another.  I aim to get feedback back to you within 24 hours, but there may be occasions where I need a little extra time depending on my workload and access to wifi.