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This is Operation Transformation:

Using nutritional advice that is designed for modern life to workouts that get results, join us for the challenge that will change your life today!

A new online training and nutrition course designed by female International Athletes with one purpose; to transform your physical and mental well being and to sustain results.

This training course combines the knowledge of  International Rugby Player Sinead Breeze and Olympian Michaela Breeze MBE to deliver cutting edge fitness results with immediate results.

About Michela and Sinead

Michaela Breeze MBE is Britain's most successful weightlifter of all time and her partner Sinead is an elite International Rugby player. Both are fitness professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping others to change the way they look and feel.

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Enter Operation Transformation

Your chance to transform your body and mind with a training programme that you can sustain for the rest of your life.

Our online transformation course is designed to torch fat from your body, improve your health and get you into the best shape possible