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Video Analysis

Accessing a coach is not always easy.
Finding time to train can be a challenge.
An easier coaching alternative could be online. 

*****I am only taking on a limited number of clients to ensure I can stay on top of the analysis*****


How it works:

  1. You take a video from the side of a couple of lifts of whatever exercise you want me to analyse (I only need 1 set of each exercise on top weight that day.  The errors will be pretty much the same on all weights)
  2. You then WhatsApp it the video to me. (I will provide my number once payment has been made)
  3. I will send feedback via video and / or voice note before sending back to you.

The aim is that you then go and practise using the feedback I have provided before sending me another.  I aim to get feedback back to you within 24 hours but there may be occasions where I need a little extra time depending on my workload and access to wifi.

  • Monthly.  You can send up to 5 videos per week of analysis (can be cancelled at any time) £75 (£3.75 per video)
  • Discounted Option: For those who have attended a training camp with Michaela monthly analysis is as above and a cost of £65  

All Video Analysis packages are price per month and videos cannot be rolled from one month to the next.  I prefer monthly subscriptions but there is no obligation to do this.  Any monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at any time.

Monthly Subscription Packages

Monthly Video Analysis

One Off Payment Packages

Set of 5 Videos

Set of 10 Videos

I am an experienced Masters lifter in my mid 50s with several years of medal winning in international competition, but you can always get technically better.  I say this because the better your technique, the longer you can have a lifting career.  I wanted to get some bio-mechanical help on some of the technical faults I keep making so I can get more speed under the bar.  I had met Michaela before at an international competition, so when I saw she was offering video analysis as a service, I jumped (literally!) at the chance to get some help remotely. 

What I love about working with her via video is that she is constructive and down to earth about what works and what you should be thinking in terms of approach.  I've made some great speed improvements working with her in the last three months, and she's been a helpful part of that process. And she is timely, knowledgeable and proactive with an obvious passion for the sport. 

So 'old dog, better tricks'!

Alea Fairchild