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Online Coaching

Online Coaching


Accessing a coach is not always easy.

Finding time to train can be a challenge.

An easier coaching alternative could be online.


ZOOM Coaching

I coach individuals online, both in a group environment, as well as 1:1.

My online coaching sessions are perfect for those wanting to address the technicalities of the snatch, clean and jerk, and all the prerequisite exercises.

Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to learn to move well from the outset, or you have more experience but are keen to make technical tweaks to be able to continue improving, these sessions will be perfect for you.

There is no pressure to lift heavy. I’m happy for you to just use a broomstick from the comfort of your own home. You can also join me from a home gym or a public gym – wherever works best for you.

My ‘Small Group Sessions’ last an hour and I limit groups to a maximum of eight people to ensure I’m able to provide feedback to everyone.

Session times are detailed below but if you have a small group that are keen then we could add an additional time and day to suit. Email me if this is of interest.

Team Breeze Small Group Academy Session Times

Monday’s – 09:30 – 10:30 (UK time)

Thursday’s – 18:15 – 19:15 (UK time)


£200 per month (1 session per week)

£300 per month (2 sessions per week)

 Book Coaching 

Please note, these monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time but if you want to jump back in there may be a waiting list.

There are now no prerequisites to join these sessions.

If you’re keen to start working with me or are interested in discussing any of my other services then feel free to reach out via email or, you can book in for a free call with me.

Click here for dates of my upcoming Training Camps

Click here for dates of my upcoming Seminars

Video Analysis

If my weekly Team Breeze Academy Zoom Sessions are not convenient for you, then I would recommend Video Analysis as an alternative to receiving individualised feedback from me.

Please note, I am only taking on a limited number of clients to ensure I can stay on top of the analysis.

How it works:

  1. You take a video from the side of a couple of lifts of whatever exercise you want me to analyse (I only need 1 set of each exercise on top weight that day.  The errors will be pretty much the same on all weights).
  2. You then WhatsApp the video to me. (I will provide my number once payment has been made).
  3. I will send feedback via video and / or voice note before sending back to you.

The aim is that you then go and practise using the feedback I have provided before sending me another.  I aim to get feedback back to you within 24 hours, but there may be occasions where I need a little extra time depending on my workload and access to wifi.

 monthly subscription packages 

Monthly: You can send up to 5 videos per week for analysis. This can be cancelled at any time. £75 per month (just £3.75 per video!)

All Video Analysis packages are price per month and videos cannot be rolled from one month to the next. All monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at any time.

 One-off payment packages 

Single Video Analysis: £9.99
Set of 5 Videos: £39.99
Set of 10 Videos: £59.99

Bespoke Programming

The way my ‘Programming’ option works, is to start with an initial discussion about your current loading, to include the number of sessions you currently complete each week, number of exercises per sessions etc, so I can gauge where to pitch my programming for each individual.

 I then take you through an initial 4-week programme to establish what your loading tolerance is (without breaking you!)  At this time, intensities are programmed to be fairly low to allow time for continued technical development, in conjunction with the video analysis.

After the initial 4-week programme, we will review to see how well you cope and then I programme the first 4-weeks of a 12-week cycle.  At this stage, the intensities will increase gradually while the volumes from week to week will fluctuate to allow for recovery time.

We review after each 4-week training block before I provide the next 4 weeks of programming. At the end of the 12 week cycle, you should improve your numbers. Then we go again!

There are different levels to my programming in terms of volumes and intensities.  As you develop, you may find you are tolerating the loading better so this may need to be reviewed.  Good communication is key and I ask that you touch base a week before the end of the block with some feedback so I can modify the next block accordingly.

Payment for the following options are via monthly subscription, but can be cancelled at any time.

Programming: £99

Video Analysis: £75

Video Analysis & Programming: £150

Purchase Programming 

8-week Generic Programs

I created this 8-week Oly lifting program to create meaningful progresses in your Olympic lifts over an 8-week period.

The program is handcrafted by me, progressing athletes in both volume and intensity throughout the 8 weeks.

You should expect to become more proficient in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk while building both strength and power in various positions that will ensure you’re on a fast path toward long-term progress.

This program is not for the faint of heart.

You have to be willing to follow the plan, to do the work, and to log the reps.

If you’re ready to make that commitment, 8 weeks of REAL PROGRESS and REAL RESULTS are on the other side.

That’s a guarantee!

There are 3 options to choose from depending on how many sessions you can do each week:

      3 Days:

      4 Days:

      5 Days:


GREAT class today! Being able to train with you (from across the pond) is one of the few but absolute positives of this pandemic. Today things really started to click for me and I could FEEL what you’ve been saying about using our legs for speed under the bar. Also, even distribution of weight between our legs on the split jerk and especially about keeping the bar low and not riding it in with those power snatches. I could actually feel it staying low. I also feel my landing is much more even and solid – not on my toes as much. I am just generally much more aware of my body and positioning. One day I hope to be able to make it to your gym in person but in the interim, this has been an incredible experience. Thank you. And looking forward to next week.

(Sherri, Online Lifter – NYC)

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible course yesterday. I was so surprised how effective you, and the class was over zoom. I felt like I learned a tremendous amount, absolutely worth the investment (and getting up that early in the morning ha!). I can’t wait to take more courses in the future. You are an incredible teacher/coach and we were all privileged to learn some of that hard fought experience you have. Thanks again.

(Kathryn Bourque, Online Lifter)

Thank you so much for helping me believe in what I can do. I started focusing on Olympic weightlifting 18 months ago and had no idea where it would take me. If only I had known, I would have started years ago. I feel so much stronger, fitter and have a new zest for life because I have found my sport. It’s taken half a century but I got there! Your coaching has been so good at helping me understand how to move, and what I am capable of. I started with the one-week daily programme with a broomstick and then when I had access to a gym, did sessions once a week. I learnt so much – your simple cues worked for me. The biggest lesson for me was I can move fast under the bar. I didn’t believe it until I met you when your attitude was there is no reason why I can’t move fast. A subtle twist in thinking and that’s all it took. My final session last night was amazing, I have never felt so happy with my snatch moves – it suddenly all made sense. That’s why I love this sport so much, the fact that the smallest changes can lead to big improvements. A very big thank you – your belief in me helped me believe it too! I hope to come to a residential camp one day, once we can travel again!

(Jennifer Brown, Online Lifter – NZ. Masters 55-60 age group).

Over lockdown I have been limited with weights, so was practicing more frequently. The opportunity to learn from Michaela was unmissable. My technique has improved massively and having spent five mornings drilling in correct form and personalised tweaks in an inclusive, friendly environment has really awakened my love of the sport. I cannot praise highly enough, the simplicity of coaching cues, the level of detail and Michaela’s own passion is what makes her a fantastic coach.

(Beth Connon, Online Lifter)

I can’t thank you enough for offering these Zoom sessions and giving many of us an opportunity that we would not have had otherwise. For me, these sessions have been the highlight of this shutdown. Weightlifting is such a complicated beast, especially for someone who isn’t athletically inclined.  Many coaches will use cues like “use your hips”, but don’t actually explain what it means.  You break things down and provide an explanation that is easy to understand and apply. You have a passion for this sport, and it’s evident in the way you coach. I have a renewed confidence that I WILL meet my goal – qualifying for 2021 Masters Nationals.

(KK Vines, Online Lifter – USA)

I’d just like to first take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to be able to join in on the Zoom sessions! It’s been incredible and accessible which is amazing! I appreciate the time and words given on form and technique. Mistakes that I know I make due to previous coaching experiences years ago that drilled the wrong technique into my head. To which I have always found difficult to change my ways. I now feel positive and confident that I can make these changes even with a broom or bar! I look forward to adapting and drilling this into my practice to perfect movements through the feedback and coaching given in sessions. Once again thank you!

(Kellie Lock, Online Lifter)

Firstly, thank goodness for modern technology! Secondly, thank goodness for Michaela Breeze!! Michaela’s Zoom coaching sessions have been an absolute god send to me!! Having recently completed the online Zoom sessions – block of 6, I have learnt far more than I ever thought I would through online coaching. I feel empowered and motivated thus reigniting my love of Olympic weightlifting. Michaela has a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and energy with an obvious passion for the sport that transmits itself to the lifters. Michaela is friendly with a great sense of humour, giving clear, expert advice. Coaching cues have been outstanding, this has helped me to continue to improve and believe in myself. This course has helped me to overcome my fear of snatching the bar, the bit where you drop under the bar, I will remember “loose arms and keep the bar low” “it’s not a fecking pull!” I can highly recommend Michaela as a lifting coach and the Zoom sessions, these sessions are highly organised and professional with positive feedback received throughout so if your keen to improve your lifting technique, whether you have a broomstick or a bar, give this a try from the comfort of your own home and hopefully it will help you achieve your weightlifting goals – building foundations for perfect form! One happy lifter!

(Julia Cawthorn, Online lifter)

Thank you for helping me to get better in my understanding of Olympic Weightlifting. Online Sessions was good experience for me. Every word and phrases written in your book, “It’s not a fecking pull” – it came out alive for me. Wish you Health & Strength.

(Anil KumarIndia, Online Lifter)

I really enjoyed the Zoom classes. I didn’t think it is possible to make such a speedy progress as a beginner. The sessions offered a great balance of general information about good lifting form as well as and personalised coaching. By the end of sessions, I felt that a lot of things clicked and I managed to have a solid grasp on clean and snatch. Thanks to Michaela I was moving with confidence for the first time!”

(Eszter, Online Lifter)

I cannot tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your classes. I would be so happy to include a testimonial, and all of it is from the heart. I’ve been a CrossFitter for over five years now, and I’ve had some exceptionally good coaches – like Games level coaches and not a single one of them could ever really help me improve my lifts after a certain level. All this time I thought it was me. So when a friend recommended Michaela’s intro classes, I’ll admit that I was a bit of sceptical, because I’ve literally tried every method out there for improving my snatch technique, and nothing, and I do mean nothing has worked. I’ve tried pinning my shoulders back, hovering them over the bar, pulling then shrugging, shrugging early, shrugging late, pulling early, pulling late, pressing from my heels, pressing from my toes, raising my hips and shoulders together, lifting my elbows high, shrugging with all my might, and none of it has worked to improve a personal best heavier than about 50 kilos (105#s), and every lift over 40 kilos (85#s) draws a wince from the audience. (It gets uuuuuugly, folks!) So, when in Michaela’s first class she explained the difference in technique between a pull-and-a-shrug and a jump-and-a-catch, I tell you that was some kind of epiphany for me – (mind blown!)  I’m a very cerebral athlete; I want to understand the mechanics of a movement so that I can adopt the techniques that’ll work consistently over time, and seeing how a jump to a catch could be more effective with less effort was like, “Ohmigod…that’s how that works???!” After just two weeks every lift I do is better, and my confidence in all my lifts has shot through the roof! I’m so much less anxious when it comes to the strength portion of my CrossFit classes now, because I have only 2 things to focus on instead if eight(teen.) In other words, this experience has been revelatory! Add to that, Michaela’s incredible talent for coaching – she’s seriously awesome. In fact, I’ve been marvelling at just truly how good a coach she is because she is equal parts patient, kind, tolerant, deeply experienced, knowledgeable, and, above all, eager to help her students. She’s a combo of every trait you hope to find in a professional coach and her classes are a wonderful experience that I think literally anyone – from novice to expert – could benefit from. I’m so, so grateful to her, and thrilled that I’ve had the distinct advantage of discovering her this way. I can’t wait to learn more and keep adjusting my technique. I seriously haven’t been this excited about lifting in years, and I swear that if you’re willing to give her just two weeks, you’ll see incredible improvements too.

(Victoria Laurie, Online Lifter)

Having reached a plateau in my progress after 6 months of getting frustrated, Michaela ‘s online sessions have reignited my enthusiasm to train.  The sessions have confirmed that I was being limited by my technique rather than strength and I am looking forward to building up the weight again now that I have spent some time improving my technique.

(Laura Chimimba, Online Lifter)

I first learned of Michaela Breeze through Instagram. I had no idea she was an Olympian or any of her background at all. All I knew was when she gave cues I understood what she was talking about. I have been in Crossfit for five years and I am a coach. Even with that I struggled in my lifting. I myself could not understand when I was told “full extension” or “high pull” or “drop under the bar”. It was frustrating! I decided I would watch all her videos and learn her ways for myself but mostly to help those I was coaching. Here I am a “coach” who doesn’t even know how to execute those movements because I did not understand because I have been taught wrong. From watching her videos, I was able to go from a 110 lb. clean and jerk to a 135 lb. clean and jerk! That was just from her INSTAGRAM VIDEOS and her constant reminder of loose arms! I live in the United States so getting into one of Michaela’s training camps was not possible for me. I told my husband, “One day I want to fly to Wales and take one of her training camps. It’s going to be expensive, but I DON’T care, she is the only one I understand!” He said “okay”, but that was probably just to shut me up. When the quarantine happened here in America and I saw Michaela’s Instagram post that she would be hosting a two week zoom training I was thrilled! I was not passing this up, even if it meant training with her at 4 am U.S. time. It is one thing to watch a video, it is another to have HER EYES on you. I still do not understand how she sees those tiny things on zoom a thousand miles away, but she does. Since taking her two week zoom sessions and continuing on with her for weekly zoom sessions I have learned how much these lifts are in the legs and not in the arms. I do not think anymore about the “high pull” or the “full extension” for that matter I don’t even think about “getting under the bar”! All the warm-ups I use to do for a clean and a snatch are not even part of her programming. I have had to retrain my brain, but it is so much easier to think “kick and catch”. For the first time ever I have the bar close to my body and I understand the movements comes from the legs. I can not recommend these zoom classes enough. It is not a “FECKING PULL!”

(Aja Ling, Online Lifter – USA)

I am an experienced Masters lifter in my mid 50s with several years of medal winning in international competition, but you can always get technically better.  I say this because the better your technique, the longer you can have a lifting career.  I wanted to get some bio-mechanical help on some of the technical faults I keep making so I can get more speed under the bar.  I had met Michaela before at an international competition, so when I saw she was offering video analysis as a service, I jumped (literally!) at the chance to get some help remotely. What I love about working with her via video is that she is constructive and down to earth about what works and what you should be thinking in terms of approach.  I’ve made some great speed improvements working with her in the last three months, and she’s been a helpful part of that process. And she is timely, knowledgeable and proactive with an obvious passion for the sport. So ‘old dog, better tricks’!

(Alea Fairchild, Online Lifter – Belgium

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