Technical Excellence Course

VIDEO #9 Power Cleans

Power Cleans are probably the most widely used of the Olympic lifts across sports. This is simple because the nature of this lift is one that allows for great power development in the quads and glutes. Major muscles groups that are needed in sports that involve sprinting, jumps or any other explosive movement such as, sprint starts in swimming, tackling in rugby, jumping in sports such as athletics, volleyball, basketball. These are just a few example but give a small insight as to the scope of athletes who can benefit from such an exercise.

The good thing about a power clean compared to a power snatch is that the risk of shoulder injuries is realty reduced and there is a little more room for error in comparison.

Power cleans are well suited to CrossFitters who need to perform multiple reps for time. This variation of the power clean is quicker to perform that the full squat lift and doesn’t take as much out of the legs, therefore is more efficient in high rep WODs.