Technical Excellence Course

VIDEO #7 Hang Cleans

As with hang snatch, hang cleans are a good precursor the full squat lift that is performed from the floor. The starting position should be around mid-thigh so the lifter can focus on generating power through the second phase of the lift. Starting too close to the knee enables the lifter to generate momentum before the powerful upward explosion, thus meaning the lifter can sneak under the bar having missed the full extension of this lift.

Hang cleans can be tough on the hands so learning to lower the bar correctly is necessary to allow the lifter to re-set after each lift. The bar should be lowered in to the hip crease, not thumped on to the thighs.

The aim is not to lift the bar higher, rather time the lift to execute at speed to catch the bar in the bottom receiving position rather than catching it high and riding it in.

The is a great lift for developing the powerful second phase of the lift. The bar should land, not be placed on top of the shoulders. If you struggle to get the elbows high enough to rest it on the shoulders and suffer with sore wrists, try changing you hand position to a little closer. This should allow you to raise the elbows higher.