Technical Excellence Course

VIDEO #10 Split Jerks

Split Jerks are the most common type of jerk performed on the competitive platform. That is because, it is the movement that allows the greatest weight to be driven overhead.

The misconception with any jerk related movement is that it needs to be push or driven overhead with the arms and shoulders. This in fact will often result in press-outs which in competition are failed lifts. The aim is to drive powerfully with the legs which in turn generates upward momentum on the bar, enabling time for the lifter to drop under the bar and receive it at arms length.

Making a strong platform with your shoulders in critical in the jerk. The back must remain strong and vertical. The dip and drive should be straight with weight distributed through your heels. After driving through the initial starting height of the bar, the legs should be split evenly forwards and back with weight distribution even too. The bar should be above the shoulders, shoulders above the hips with no arching in the lower back. If all of this is correct, you should be able to recover front foot then back maintaining a strong but neutral lower back, thus avoiding the risk of injury.