August 17

4 Week Arms And Back Fitness Challenge


Welcome to the 4 week back and arms fitness challenge.

You will see a handy menu to take you to the relevant section.

Make sure you watch all the videos carefully so you know what you are doing.

And above all else, enjoy yourself. 


For this challenge you will need some resistance bands.

Click here to see a pair of bands we recommend (please note this is note an endorsement)

Before You Begin

1. Take starting photos from your waist up – from the front, back and side, to help monitor your progress (we’ll repeat this at the end of the 4-weeks)

2. This is a 4-week challenge with the aim of developing your upper body physique. The photos will be your evidence for progress.

3. Commit to doing these sessions every day for the next 4-weeks... It doesn’t take long and the equipment is extremely easy to use, mobile and diverse.

You can even bring it on holiday with you!

4. Who’s in on the Upper Body Transformation Challenge?

If you are, make sure you join the challenge Facebook group by clicking here

Programme Structure

WEEK 1 = 10 reps per exercise x3 sets

WEEK 2 = 12-15 reps per exercise x3 sets

WEEK 3 = 12-15 reps per exercise x4 sets

WEEK 4 = 12-15 reps per exercise x5 sets

And look to increase the level of resistance by going for a stronger band throughout the 4-weeks

Equipment Set-Up

Day 1:

1. Incline Chest Press – Low Anchor
2. Standing Low Row – Low Anchor

Day 2:

1. Bicep Hammer Curls – Low anchor (with ankle straps)
2. Tricep Pushdowns (supine lying) – Low anchor (with ankle straps)

Day 3:

1. Chest Flys – Mid anchor
2. Reverse Flys – Mid anchor

Day 4:

1. Decline Chest Press – High anchor
2. 1⁄2 Kneeling Wide Lat Pull – High anchor

Day 5:

1. Shoulder Press – Standing on band
2. Lateral Raise – Standing on band

Day 6:

1. Lying Hammer Curls – High anchor (with ankle straps)
2. 1⁄2 Kneeling Reverse Grip Lat Pull – High anchor (with ankle straps)

Day 7:

1. Single-arm Kneeling Tricep Kick-backs – Low Anchor (with 1 ankle strap)
2. Superman Rows (prone lying) – Low anchor


So there you have it.

Our 4 week challenge.

Please train safely at all times and if you are in any pain stop.

Please revisit the page each day and watch the videos before you start the exercise to ensure you have good form.

Thanks for taking part. 


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