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Michaela Breeze MBE, OLY, BSc

Are you ready to improve your Olympic lifting technique, to move more efficiently and safely and optimise results?

Training Camps

Are you looking to improve your own lifting ability? My training camps are designed to address all technical aspects of the lifts. I will work with you to ensure you are moving as efficiently as possible, as well as safely. With the fundamental aim of improving your overall lifting ability.  These camps are suitable for all ages and abilities from those just starting out to International athletes.


Do you run a gym and want to bring some expert tuition to your location? My seminars are suitable for all ages and abilities. Coaching is differentiated accordingly.

Online Coaching

I have been offering 1:1 and group sessions, as well as video analysis via ZOOM, during the COVID pandemic, and will continue to deliver these sessions.These sessions have proved to be a fantastic way of supporting aspiring lifter – regardless of where the live in the world. Join me from the comfort of your front room, kitchen, garage or gym (i.e. wherever you have space and a bar). The focus of these sessions is to address technique.


I am delighted to have launched my very own Weightlifting Tekkers SOS! Course. I provide over 12 hours of content designed to get you moving really well with the snatch, clean, and jerk. 

I offer a range of courses that are accredited with British Weight Lifting.

Team Breeze Shop

From T-Shirts and hoodies, to discounts on top products. Check out my shop for a range of goods and services. 


I share a new blog each week, covering all things weightlifting.

Discounts, Deals & Promotions

A list of exclusive discounts, deals and promotions. Stay tuned for the latest offers. 

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