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Team Breeze Road Trip
We set off soon on the next leg of #TeamBreezeOnTour

Here are details of where we will be and when and most importantly who you need to contact to book your place. Please note I will not be taking bookings directly so you’ll need to touch base with the facility you want to go to. If you have any issues booking a place, please let me know

Each session will last around 90 minutes and I’ll give a technical breakdown of snatch, cleans and jerks and help you develop your technical ability. I welcome ALL ages and abilities to these sessions so please don’t think you’re not good enough. 

Exact timing TBC finalised nearer the time but weekdays will be delivered in the evenings to give time for people to get there from work

Monday 19th August

Fosse Way CrossFit, Newark, NG24 2DE
Myles Brownhill - 07754 411106

Tuesday 20th August

CrossFit Telic - Hartlepool
Ashley McFee - 07908 815050

Wednesday 21st August

Apex Gym - Durham, DH9 8UJ
Stella Sewell - 07917 406659

Thursday 22nd August

CrossFit Wolfslair - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Simon Gould - 07740 283009

Friday 23rd August

CrossFit Jacana - Durham
Chris Mason - 07971 698945

Saturday 24th August {Morning}

CrossFit East Rocks - Nr Dunbar
Lawson Auden - 07735 551135

Saturday 24th August {Afternoon}

CrossFit Bathgate

Sunday 25th August {Morning}

Ferri Fit - Motherwell
Chris Ferri - 07837 870000

Sunday 25th August {Afternoon}

CrossFit Kirkintilloch - Kirkintilloch
Alan Wilson - 07748 857524

Monday 26th August {Morning}

Claymore CrossFit - Perth
Emma - 07595 903770

Monday 26th August {Afternoon}

Functional Fitness - Dundee
Fraser Clark - 07891 775177

Monday 2nd September 

Evolution Functional Fitness - Aeternum CrossFit
Adrian Bremen - 07470 877906

Monday 9th September 

LIFT Gym - Edinburgh
Andy - 07776 186489

Our Fitness And Weightlifting Services

Training Camps

Are you looking to improve your own lifting ability? These training camps are designed to address all technical aspects of the lifts, ensure you are moving as best you can as well as safely with the fundamental aim of improving your overall lifting ability.  These camps are suitable for all ages and abilities from those just starting out to International athletes. 

Weightlifting Seminars

Do you run a gym and want to bring some expert tuition to your location. My seminars are suitable for all ages and abilities.  Coaching is differentiated accordingly.

Online Training

If you aren't able to see me in person or live too far away for regular contact, then my online programming and video support may be the perfect solution.

BWL Accredited Courses 

Become a qualified weight lifting coach. We offer a range of courses that are accredited with British Weight Lifting 

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