March 10

5 Reasons You Should Start Olympic Weightlifting Right Now


You might train in Judo, MMA, Rugby or even running and think that what you do is enough. However in this article I will be introducing you to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and more appropriately how our sport can help you to increase your performance in other activities.

So here are the 5 ways that Olympic Weightlifting can help you in your sporting fitness journey​.

1. Increase Lower Body Power Specifically In The Quads and Glutes​

Olympic weightlifting is a sport which you need to have a combination of strength and technique. This is one of the reasons that  I teach seminars to promote technical excellence. 

​If your technique is correct it will allow you to lift heavier weights and in turn increase your strength. 

For any sport where your leg strength, endurance and explosive power​ are essential then Olympic Weightlifting is for you.

2. To Help You Jump Higher, Sprint Faster, Tackle Stronger, Explode Quicker and Simply Stand Out From All The Rest!​

When your training for a sport like Olympic Weightlifting you will soon see that the benefits cross over into all sports that require 'explosive' activity.

As your body not only becomes stronger you will notice you can sprint faster and jump higher. These are the benefits from lifting heavy weights​. In essence Olympic Weightlifting is functional training for any sport. 

3. Be Tougher In Physical Contact​

If your sport requires contact of any kind, Olympic Weightlifting will benefit you greatly. 

As your power increases through regular weightlifting you will be able to tackle harder, push opponents around easily and crush the opposition. 

Weightlifting will enhance your  grip along with all major muscles in the body. 

4. You Will Feel Stronger As Well As Actually Becoming Stronger. (This in itself can boost confidence and self esteem hugely and improve performance​)

When we are stronger life suddenly seems different. Weight training has this effect on people and you usually see it with young males who have 'pumped some iron' at the gym who tend to walk a little different (carpets under arms syndrome)

Olympic weightlifting is not body building. Instead, using a combination of technique and muscle you increase strength ​in a way that feels incredible. 

This alone can help increase performance because mentally you feel the changes in your strength. Check out this footage of Olympic Judo Champion Ilias Iliadis cross training  with Olympic Weightlifting (you will find a lot the top athletes do this)​

Now although Ilias Iliadis is an amazing Judo player (and known for his strength) you can see that his weightlifting technique can be dramatically improved and  to prove this check out Sara Ahmed training for the World Junior Weightlifting Championships below. 

5. The Better Physically Conditioned an Athlete, The less Chance of Picking Up Niggles and Injuries

We have all seen football players go to the ground as if they have been taken out by a sniper but most get up a few seconds later with no injuries.

However what can happen is that over time those little 'niggles' that people pick up through sports start to add up and injuries appear that do matter.

One of the best ways to reduce injury is to ​improve your conditioning and of course increasing your strength is a key part of this. For this reason Olympic weightlifting is a great way to ensure you do not get injured.


So there you have it, 5 reasons you should train in Olympic Weightlifting. The sport is a fantastic way to increase your fitness, make new friends and push yourself like you never thought possible.

The combination of ​explosive training and technique will soon see you dominating your chose sporting arena. 

Thanks for reading.​


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